1. Do not apply to permanent residents of Svalbard
  2. Applies to all persons that are included in § 1 below:

Those who arrived to Norway from other countries than Sweden or Finland, shall stay in quarantine 14 days after arrival to Norway. This also applies to people that arrived to Norway from Sweden or Finland and have stayed in other countries in the past 14 days. A person in quarantine shall remain in his or her own home or other suitable facility. The person shall only go elsewhere as long as close contact with other people can be avoided.

National authorities have decided today, that all visitors on Svalbard that arrived after the 27th of February shall travel to Oslo. The decision is caused by the ongoing Corona virus situation affecting the whole world. The reason that national authorities want travellers to go to the mainland of Norway, is that Longyearbyen is a small and vulnerable society. We only have a small hospital with limited public health services and at the same time, we have functions that has to be maintained for the locals to be able to live here. We are therefore forced to take all precautions necessary in order to handle this situation.

As of today, there are no confirmed cases of corona infection in Longyearbyen. We believe that the best way for us to care of our visitors is by taking them to our capital city Oslo, where they are better prepared to handle this situation and where the public health facilities are vast.
The flight that will carry you to Oslo is departing from Longyear airport at 23.55 tonight (Sunday 15th of March).
Practical information:
All travellers must fill in a form with personal information. The forms will be distributed to you before leaving for the airport. If you have not received this form, please contact the hotel reception. The forms is to be handed to personnel available by the busses taking you to the airport, you can also get the forms from them if you have not been able to collect it from the hotel reception.
Transport to airport:
A shuttle bus will collect you at your hotel and depart at 22.00
For those staying in private accommodation we ask you to report at Radisson Blu Polar Hotel and depart from there along with your fellow travellers.
Your flight has an estimated departure time of 23.55 and will arrive in Oslo approximately 02.55
The residents of Longyearbyen regrets the situation that has occurred and we wish you a pleasant journey, we trust that you will be well taken care of in Oslo.
We welcome you back at another time!