Hopp til toppmenyen på siden Hopp til hovedinnholdet på siden

Message to all evacuated residents

The Governor of Svalbard sustains the avalanche restriction zone until 3.1.2016. A new assessment is due on 3.1.2016 in the afternoon. 

If the avalanche restriction zone stays as it is today 3.1.2016, please pay attention to the following message:

Longyearbyen lokalstyre is responsible for emergency housing for Longyearbyen’s citizens, during the immediate time after a catastrophe. This phase is ending and Longyearbyen lokalstyres is responsible only for its own employees housing.

Everyone who has been given emergency housing by Longyearbyen lokalstyre during the immediate emergency-time, must contact their own landlords and resolve their own housing challenges, by the end of the first working week in January (January 8). Please hand in the keys for your emergency housing to the info-torg at Næringsbygget.