The ban on traffic and entry in Lia means, that the snowscooter trail from the south side of the Spisshusene to Vannledningsdalen is closed. This also applies to the snowscooter trail on the upper side of the road in Nybyen.

Strong southeasterly winds and snow are expected on Saturday and Sunday. In addition, there is some snow on the mountain sides. There may be a danger of cornice fall that can trigger larger avalanches that can reach the buildings on the east side of the road in Nybyen. Avalanches can also occur on the mountainside.

- The weather forecasts are uncertain, and the Governor, together with Longyearbyen local council and Skred AS, will follow the situation. A new assessment will be made by 16.00 on Saturday, Assistant Governor Sølvi Elvedahl states.

There is a significant risk of avalanches in the terrain. The Governor asks people who are on a trip to take their precautions and follow