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Free disposal of cars and snowmobiles (1.12.)

Store Norske and Longyearbyen lokalstyre encourages the city's population to take advantage of the free delivery of snowmobiles and cars at the waste disposal plant. The offer applies to both private individuals and businesses. The initiative is funded by The Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund.

The “amnesty period” is from September 1st to as long as the project funds last, and latest December 1st. After that it will again cost money to get rid of vehicles.

Please note that the real estate manager in Longyearbyen, Store Norske, does not allow that unlicensed and/or decommissioned (i.e. wrecks / unattended / not in use) vehicles are stored or left on the ground in Longyearbyen. Snowmobiles that are in regular use may be stored in an orderly manner, lined up together with associated equipment (sleds, petrol cans), which has to be marked with name and number.

The company has engaged a person to map and mark such vehicles etc. in the city. Unlicensed/decommissioned vehicles that have not been removed within December 1st, and where the company has not been able to get in touch with the owner, will be removed and delivered to the waste disposal plant at the owner's expense. Unmarked equipment/items that are not stored orderly next to a snowmobile, and equipment/items that there is reason to believe is not in regular use, will also be removed.

Vehicles can be delivered at the waste disposal plant on Thursdays from 16 to 18 and on Fridays from 13 to 16. If you have special needs or requirements regarding delivery, please contact the plant: savfall@lokalstyre.no, 79 02 23 18. Remember to bring the vehicle’s registration documents, and bring a power of attorney if you deliver the vehicle on behalf of someone. Remember also to put the reserve and winter tires in the car if you want to get rid of them as well.

For questions or tips regarding vehicles etc., contact Andreas Risstad: andreas.risstad@snsk.no, 970 96 531.