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Solformørkelse Solar Eclipse Foto Photo: Arne Danielsen

Solar eclipse - photos on Facebook

On March 20th there is a total solar eclipse in Svalbard, and many visitors are expected from the mainland. Since Longyearbyen is a small town, there might be some capacity problems with so many people gathered at the same time.

UPDATED March 20th, 2015: Photos before, during and after the eclipse can be found on Facebook pages to Longyearbyen lokalstyre

UPDATEDED March 2nd, 2015: Information leaflet incl. map published - you may find it under "Relaterte filer" to the right. The printed leaflet will be available to all visitors.

In connection with the solar eclipse on Svalbard we are pleased to forward the following information from The Governor of Svalbard:

  • The average temperature in Svalbard in March is approximately minus 15 degrees Celsius. In addition the wind-chill increases the heat loss even further. Warm and wind proof clothing is necessary.

  • If you want to move outside of the settlements, you need sufficient polar bear protection.

  • All accommodation must be reserved in advance.

  • The capacity in restaurants and cafés is restricted.

You can find more information on Visit Svalbard’s website.